The Skilled Trades in America: New Insights & Research

by Mischa Fisher, Chief Economist | October 2020

Today our research team released Skilled Trades in America, a report that examines America’s home service professionals and identifies the ways in which the industry can strengthen, grow, and diversify its labor force.

The skilled trades, particularly those that work in home services, are an under studied profession in the United States. While we culturally praise entrepreneurship, this report is the first annual research effort to better understanding entrepreneurship within the essential home services industry and the skilled trades.

The skilled trades present a major opportunity for employment and job growth for all individuals, especially at a time when our country is experiencing high unemployment rates and there is an overwhelming need for more skilled pros.

By diversifying the training pipeline, adopting new recruitment tools and strategies and reframing how the industry presents itself to the world, home services entrepreneurs and SMBs can reach a broader base of customers and build more inclusive, equitable—and successful—businesses.

You can read the full report here.